Parent Resources

Reach Out For Help

Children do best when they receive early treatment for autism. If you are concerned that your child may have autism, please contact your doctor. Reach out to Umeed if you have a question or need information. We offer support in Punjabi and English.

Videos in Punjabi

Autism Videos @ ACT is a free online video service that was developed and is currently hosted by Autism Community Training

An Introduction to Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) in Punjabi
These videos explain the importance of IEPs in setting measurable goals for students with autism. This presentation was developed by Parbinder Bains and Preetinder Narang, both Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Special Educators with the Surrey School District and was presented by Raminder Kaur, Behaviour Consultant. All three are members of Umeed (previously known as ASAAP)

One Parent’s Journey into Autism (in Punjabi)
This is a video presentation by Sunita Braich, parent of a child with autism, an Integration Support Teacher in the Surrey School District and a member of ASAAP. In this video, Ms. Braich shares her experience in receiving a diagnosis of autism for her child: “There are some things I wish I had known more about before being thrown into what will be a lifelong journey and there are other things, I am proud to say, I feel I intuitively succeeded at.”

Community Resources

Reach out to other Punjabi parents with children with Autism and other special needs through the Punjabi Parent Support Group facilitated by REACH Child Development Centre. It is a great way to connect with other Punjabi parents who have been through the journey and can share valuable lessons, tips and strategies to help you as a parent.

Reach Development – Punjabi Parent Support Group

Autism Community Training (ACT)

ACT is a comprehensive website that provides parents, professionals and para-professionals information on all resources available to support children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to live productive, satisfying lives within their families and communities in British Columbia. It is a free resource and enables you to:

  • Access video presentations on various relevant topics including Punjabi specific videos/resources
  • Learn about services available in the province
  • Build your capacity to support your child

Confident Parents – Thriving Kids

The program teaches skills to strengthen your role as a parent through weekly telephone sessions with trained coaches from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It requires a physician referral and is free of cost to the family. The program builds on parenting skills, promotes healthy child development and reduces behavioural problems. It offers support to parents in two areas: Children

  • Children exhibiting mild to moderate behavioural challenges and
  • Children exhibiting anxiety

Confident Parents -Thriving Parents Anxiety Brochure

Confident Parents-Thriving Kids -Behaviour Program

Autism Distance Education Parent Training (ADEPT)

ADEPT provides short modules for parent training in the area of teaching functional skills to children. It is a free resource that parents can use to build their capacity to teach their children new skills. The focus is on ABA strategies and is presented in a simple, short and interactive manner, making it fun to learn.

ACCESS 2 Card Program

Easter Seals Canada’s award-winning Access 2 Card program was launched in 2004 with support from Cineplex Entertainment and a group of national disability organizations. The Access 2 Card program helps to ensure that entertainment, cultural and recreational opportunities are more available and accessible to all. Click on the link below to complete an application form.

The Children’s Partnership – Surrey-White Rock

It is a consortium of various agencies that work together to support the health, well-being and learning potential of children during the first twelve years of life, in collaboration with families and community organizations. See the link to the Brochure below that outlines all services available in the Surrey/White Rock area.

The site also provides links to specific resources to the South Asian Community many of which are also offered in Punjabi. See link below for more details.